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Points of Difference for Silent Safaris Compact Headphones:

  1. Size and Fit: Being 1/3 the size of the larger headphones, they offer a more compact, on-ear fit which is suitable for a wider range of users, including children.
  2. Discreet & Lightweight: Their compact nature and absence of flashy LED lights make them less noticeable and more comfortable, especially for prolonged usage.
  3. Comfort: The on-ear design is ideal for hot days, preventing excessive sweating around the ears that over-ear designs might cause.
  4. Adaptable to Various Environments: Without the large LED lights, these headphones are more suitable for settings that require discretion.
  5. Noise Isolation: Despite their size, they can provide adequate noise isolation, suitable for focused listening.
  6. Multiple Channels: These headphones retain the ‘A and B’ channel feature, allowing users to tune into different audio streams.
  7. Durability: Being designed for various uses, they are built robustly to handle different scenarios.
  8. Economical: Due to their size and simpler design, they could be more cost-effective for bulk orders.

Scenarios for Using Silent Safaris Compact Headphones:

  1. Hot Daytime Outdoor Events: They are perfect for outdoor events on hot days, offering a comfortable on-ear experience without the bulk or heat of over-ear designs.
  2. School Examinations and Inductions: Students can listen to recorded instructions or language exams. Similarly, during school inductions, new students can be given a guided audio tour.
  3. Day Care Activities: Children can engage in interactive storytelling or musical activities without the distractions of the outside world.
  4. Outdoor Cinemas: Attendees can enjoy films with clear audio without external disturbances, and without the flashy distraction of LEDs.
  5. Fitness Classes: Instructors can guide participants or play music in public spaces or parks without external noise.
  6. Library Audiobook Sessions: Users can listen to audiobooks in group settings without disturbing others.
  7. Museum and Art Gallery Tours: Without flashy LEDs, visitors can discreetly listen to guided audio tours.
  8. Workshops & Conferences: Attendees can tune into different sessions in shared spaces without disturbing each other.
  9. Theater Rehearsals: Actors can receive discrete instructions during rehearsals.
  10. Guided Nature Walks: Participants can listen to guides without the sound disturbing wildlife or the flashy LEDs affecting the natural ambiance.
  11. Public Gardens: Visitors can enjoy guided audio or music experiences while strolling through gardens.
  12. Historical Site Tours: Tourists can receive historical information through the headphones as they explore various sites, without the LEDs detracting from the historical feel.

With the unique advantages of Silent Safaris Compact headphones, they can be seamlessly integrated into various activities, ensuring an enhanced, focused auditory experience for users across diverse scenarios.

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1. Simple 2 channels. Professional UHF 433Mhz FM ISM Band.

2. Transmitter audio signals upto 50m, depending on transmitter

3. Active noise reduction system for crystal clear sound

4. Advanced 40mm mylar speaker for outstanding sound performance

5. Double PLL system for ultimate frequency stability

6. Auto mute and automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of no signal detection to conserve battery life

7. HIFI sound, super compact double foldable design.

8. Small red and Green channel-indicator light, you can identify the channel

9. Soft leatherette ear cushions, a flexable stainless steel, extrendable headband.

10. Unlimited headphones can be used simultaneously per channel up to 50m radius transmitting area


  • Built-in A-grade 800 Mah rechargeable lithium battery, operating time up to 8 hours
  • Power adaptor for 240v or 110v supplies with every plug styles included
  • 16 port USB Charging stations included, enough relating to how many headphones you order
  • Headset is Micro USB port connection

All material and goods are 100% tested before shipment, with CE, RHOS certificate and 12 months warranty, full quality guarantee.

1. Q: Are these compact headphones like a “diet” version of the big flashy ones? A: Think of them as the “sportscar” to the big headphone’s “SUV”. Sleek, efficient, and ready for the fast lane! 🚗💨

2. Q: Do they come with those cool LED lights like the bigger headphones? A: Nope! Our compact headphones skipped the light show to keep things sleek and discreet. They’re the ninjas of the headphone world! 🎧🕶️

3. Q: Are these headphones just for kids or can my grandpa rock them too? A: Age is just a number! From toddlers to grandpas, everyone can rock out with our compact headphones. Party on! 🎶👴🎵👶

4. Q: If they’re compact, does that mean the sound quality got squished too? A: Absolutely not! We’ve packed them with top-notch sound, making them small in size but HUGE in vibes! 🎧🔊

5. Q: Can I still switch between music channels on these compact headphones? A: Of course! They might be small, but they still love to dance between channels. It’s like having a mini DJ in each ear! 🎶🕺

6. Q: Without the LED lights, how will people know I’m jamming at a silent disco? A: Trust us, when they see your groovy dance moves and infectious energy, they’ll know! 🕺💃

7. Q: Are they comfortable? I’ve had headphones that felt like a vice on my head! A: Our compact headphones are like a feathered pillow for your ears. Comfy, light, and no vice-like squeezes here! 🎧☁️

8. Q: Can I use them for my meditation group in the park? A: Absolutely! Whether you’re jamming out or zenning out, our headphones have got your ears covered. Namaste! 🧘‍♀️🎧

9. Q: Are these headphones good for my outdoor cinema nights? A: You bet! They’re perfect for diving deep into movies without the added light show. Just popcorn and pure cinematic sound! 🍿🎬🎧

10. Q: If the bigger headphones are like disco balls, what are the compact ones like? A: Think of them as the sleek, chic mirror tiles that make up the disco ball. Same great vibe, just a little more under-the-radar! 🎶🌟

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