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Flashing LED Silent Disco Headphones

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Flashing LED Silent Disco Headphones

Points of Difference for Flashing LED Silent Disco Headphones:

  1. Sophisticated Aesthetics: The multiple Flashing LED cover adds a touch of elegance and luxury, setting them apart from standard headphones. This premium look can elevate any event’s vibe.
  2. Flashing Muliti coloured LED Display: Unlike other headphones, these have an flashing multi colour LED feature, not just for style, but to enhance the user experience.
  3. Flush Surface Design: The smooth, seamless design not only adds to its sophisticated look but ensures no dirt or grime gets trapped. It’s style and function combined.
  4. Ease of Cleaning: Due to the flush surface, these headphones can be cleaned quickly and efficiently, ensuring hygiene, especially crucial in shared-use scenarios.
  5. Durability: The chrome finish not just looks good but provides an added layer of protection against wear and tear.
  6. Enhanced Comfort: Designed with users in mind, the headphones provide comfort during prolonged usage, ensuring the best experience every time.

Scenarios for Using Flashing LED Silent Disco Headphones:

  1. High-end Events: Be it corporate gatherings or posh parties, the chrome finish and LED features can make attendees feel they’re at a premium event.
  2. Gaming Arcades: Upgrade the user experience in gaming zones. With these headphones, every game feels like a high-stakes, immersive experience.
  3. Art Installations & Museums: For audio-guided tours, where the aesthetics of the environment matter, these headphones blend right in, adding to the ambiance.
  4. DJ & Music Workshops: Where participants need to be in tune with the music and look the part, these headphones are the perfect accessory.
  5. Fashion Shows & Events: In events where even the minutest detail matters, equip your backstage crew or your attendees with these stylish headphones.
  6. Product Launches & Tech Events: Showcase your brand’s commitment to quality and style by using these headphones for presentations or demonstrations.
  7. Travel & Tours: Use them for audio tours in buses or coaches, providing passengers with an experience that’s memorable both in terms of content and quality.

These Multi Colour Flashinng LED headphones, with their myriad of features and points of differentiation, promise to deliver not just sound but an experience that’s unmatched, setting a high standard in the world of audio devices.

1. Choice of 3, 4 channels. Professional UHF FM ISM Band, Please specify your Allowed Country Frequency channels(eg. 433Mhz/863MHz/915Mhz)

2. Large Transmitter audio signals up to to 500m, through most walls, floors and ceilings.

3. Active noise reduction system for crystal clear sound

4. Advanced 40mm mylar speaker for outstanding sound performance

5. Double PLL system for ultimate frequency stability

6. Auto mute and automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of no signal detection to conserve battery life

7. HIFI sound, fashion flat foldable design.

8. Big channel-indicating logo LED light, you can see the channel difference by logo color and you can turn on/off LED

9. Soft leatherette ear cushions, a flexable robust headband let’s you listen in extreme comfort, even during long hours of extended use.

10. Unlimited headphones can be used simultaneously per channel up to 500m radius transmitting area

11. Multiple LED colours choices available for you to select


  • Built-in A-grade 1000 Mah rechargeable lithium battery, operating time up to 8 hours
  • Power adaptor for 240v or 110v supplies with every plug styles included
  • 16 port USB Charging stations included, enough relating to how many headphones you order
  • Headset is ‘C’ port connection

All material and goods are 100% tested before shipment, with CE, RHOS certificate and 12 months warranty, full quality guarantee.

1. Q: Do these headphones require a special “chrome polish” for cleaning? A: No disco balls here! Thanks to their flush surface design, a simple wipe down is all they need to keep shining bright. 🌟

2. Q: I heard the LED lights can be turned on and off. Is it like a mini disco on my head? A: Exactly! With a flick, you can go from chic chrome classiness to party mode. The dance floor’s in your court! 🎶🕺💡

3. Q: Can I get my cat’s face on these LED lenses? A: If your cat’s ready for the limelight, we’re here for it! These headphones come with full-size LED lenses perfect for any custom logo, whiskers, and all. 🎧😺

4. Q: Do the LED lights mean I can use these as a flashlight during a blackout? A: While they might not replace your torch, they’ll sure make you the coolest and most lit person in the dark! 💡🎧

5. Q: I’m a bit clumsy with food. Are these headphones nacho-resistant? A: While they might not be snack-specific resistant, their easy-to-clean design means cheese streaks are a thing of the past. Just remember, no double-dipping! 🧀🎧

6. Q: If I wear these to a silent disco, will the LEDs give away my secret dance moves? A: Maybe! But think of it as your own personal spotlight. Time to show off those moves! 🎧💃🔦

7. Q: How easy is it to customize the logo on the LED lens? A: As easy as slipping into your dancing shoes! The full-size LED lens ensures your logo shines bright and clear. 🎧🌟📌

8. Q: Can the LED lights sync with my music beats? A: It’s like having a mini rave right by your ears. Groove, flash, repeat! 🎶💡🎧

9. Q: Are these headphones a cleaning nightmare with all their fancy features? A: Fear not! Their flush design ensures that dirt has no place to hide. Clean headphones, happy vibes! 🎧✨🧽

10. Q: If the LED lights represent my mood, can they flash super fast when I’m on my fifth cup of coffee? A: While they might not gauge caffeine levels, they’ll surely keep up with your energy. Just remember to blink! 🎧☕💡

Flashing LED Silent Disco Headphones red
Flashing LED Silent Disco Headphones blue
Flashing LED Silent Disco Headphones green

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