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Choice of 5 LED Party Headphone Styles

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Choice of 5 Led Silent Disco Headphone Styles or Compact Silent Safaris™ System

Experience Meets Profit: “Marry your passion for music and adventure while tapping into one of the fastest-growing entertainment niches. Dive into the Silent Disco adventure tour business and dance your way to success!”

ALL New Super Glow Band Silent Disco Headphones

Super Glow LED™

Retro LED™

Flashing LED™

Oval LED™

Crome LED™

Silent Safaris®

Silent Party: Where Experience Meets Innovation

“Looking for the best in silent parties? Meet Silent Party, an Australasian leader with 15 years under its belt. We’ve teamed up with top manufacturers and known Party Headphone brands from the USA, bringing you our exclusive Silent Safaris™ headphones. Trust in our history and know-how, and choose Silent Party for quality and innovation.”

Events - Party Hire - Adventure Tours - Outdoor Cinemas - Meditation - Yoga - Wellness - Group Training

Discover Your Perfect Silent Disco Experience: Industry-Proven Headphones with Customisable Kits, All-Inclusive Packages, Transmitters, and Essential Accessories – Complemented by Exceptional After-Sales Service.

Innovative Group Training Solutions with Our Silent Disco Headphones: Just Plug in a Mic & Music Hip Transmitter

“Introducing our cutting-edge Silent Disco Headphones, designed to elevate your group training experiences. All you need is a microphone and a Music Hip Transmitter to transform events, party rentals, adventure tours, outdoor cinemas, and wellness activities like meditation and yoga into immersive, unforgettable gatherings.”

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HiFi Sound

Deep Base


Order up to 5 Channels

Bluetooth Connect Transmitters

Voice over Music Hip Transmitters

Up to 500m Range

Fast Charge LiPo Batteries

Great LED Colours

Turn LED On or Off

No Gap Lens, Easy Cleaning

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